The services I provide are below.

I offer a bespoke ironwork design and build service working closely with clients to create something that is both functional and beautiful.

Items that I design are created using elements of what we see in our daily life. Inspiration comes from the rich landscape that we live in. The countryside that I work in has a wealth of natural forms and shapes that I aim to include in my work.

The beauty of this type of work is that there really are no boundaries. Metal is a very versatile material to work with. Shapes and forms can be crafted using the finest grade of steel to give a piece a very delicate feel yet proving strong and functional.

On the opposite end of the spectrum metal can give a sense of presence and power by increasing the size and weight of the material. Combine the two and you create even more interest.

By adding in other materials such as wood you can soften an item and add another dimension to the work.

The type of finish that is applied to the piece is very personal. Some clients like the metal to rust knowing that the finish will evolve over the years. Other clients prefer a finish such as galvanizing to give the metal a long life of 30 plus years with very little maintenence. The finishes available are endless and I would be happy to discuss your requirements.

All of my work is handmade using traditional Blacksmithing techniques. These techniques give a unique finish and create interesting details that are rarely seen on modern mass produced metal work.

Please feel free to contact me with your ideas and requirements.